I am honest, and deserving of respect. I truly believe that the most pivotal moments of my life have only been when I have no control over the turmoil that has figuratively smacked me in the face. I am emotional as a Human being and I know that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to transmute those feelings/emotions into passion…my form of Amla-fashion which then eventually subsides into the wisdom, the inner AWARENESS I have embodied within my mind/body/spirit. I am a whole soul who engages in life at all angles and I accept all walks of life. The struggle occurs when I do not feel the respect is reciprocated. However, taking self-care is imperative to become fully aware and astute with a keen eye to identify and become “friends” your authentic-self.

I cannot seem to find an outlet to maintain my own poise and dignity for myself. I am alone but despite other external forces I shine my light anyway. I am no longer afraid to speak my truth of my own version of reality of everything. It’s been a long road to recovery of accepting myself with all the so-called flaws that come into play in reference to the notion of being a part of the human race. By going blind, I don’t “view” people like the lens of a microscope, with such tediousness and precision. I view people through the lens of openness and kindness.

Ironically enough, by being so-called limited physically I feel and thrive on infinite possibilities for all of mankind. Truth is consistent and more so, the truth never changes colors… If you are speaking your truth… it’s pure and simple, lies are complicated and tainted. I am here to share my story of how I discovered the real truth of who I am, an unconditional, loving soul. By being limited with my physical condition I have learned that in life, it’s the ego of the human mind that wants to be in the command on demand. When in reality the soul symbolizes the essence that only evolves through experience. It’s infinite open to limitless possibilities And to be whole, one with divinity, humans must face oppression opposition, ignorance in order to grow forward and expand consciousness. That is the ultimate gift I have discovered for myself. By facing vision loss and all the barriers that I have come across along the way, I have found a sense of freedom, deep from within. I have done the work to strive to be the best I can be as a part of humanity. And nobody can take or steal my spirit no matter how much they try. Because the soul is infinite, it never dies. My heart might have felt stomped on, time and time again, but my spirit soared through pain and discomfort. In hindsight, by going through the struggles by facing blindness, I have internal panoramic vision, verses physical vision. What a beautiful gift I have to share with the world, immense insight. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Blessings everyone.

— Amla Mehta

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