Spirituality is like air you cannot see it or taste it but you sure need it for basic survival on this planet. Spirituality is being able to align and be in spirit and that means staying true to who you are despite external influences or situations. Spirituality requires one to be truthful with themselves, flaws and all. When one is honest with themselves from the heart, it gravitates toward positivity, gratitude and acceptance of thyself with unconditional love.

I believe even Atheists have faith because they depend and believe they will take in that next breath of oxygen to survive through life. In essence one does not need to believe in spirituality. If you are Human you are in spirit: it’s just a matter of unpeeling the layers of lies, fear, karma and limitations that we, as human beings, interpret as real when in fact all they are is an illusion and false fabrications of who they believe they are.

Simple terms… we wouldn’t be Human if we were enlightened perfect beings. We are messy blobs of clay learning to remodel and reshape our form. It’s up to you, the artist, to create and investigate what masterpiece you desire to build and manifest. Just as each Human is different, each artist/spiritual being has a unique way of being and evoking individuality.

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