Sweet Sixteen… or was it?

Amla, age 16In 1990, I was sixteen years old and diagnosed with an eye disorder called Gyrate Atrophy. Gyrate Atrophy is a rare genetic eye condition in which the patient gradually loses his or her peripheral vision between the ages of 45 to 60. Only 200 people are diagnosed in the world. Essentially, the majority part of vision is lost and “tunnel vision” is all that is preserved.

Despite the daily challenges of being legally blind, I invoke a deeper sense of awareness: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Gyrate Atrophy represents my guiding light force, ultimately paving a unique pathway for my individual life purpose. That is, only by facing gradual vision loss have I gained a strong sense of internal vision by opening up my heart and soul to infinite possibilities. After all, Gyrate Atrophy is only a part of me, this eye condition doesn’t define me.

Nonetheless, my main goal is to inspire others to be proud of who they are “as is,” inside-out. Vision or no vision, if I can be my own best friend, loving myself unconditionally, so can you! You are the master of your life! Just believe and have faith in yourself! The light in me honors the light in you! Namaste.