Pertaining to myself gradually losing my vision, this little girl asked me, “Who guards you?”, meaning who protects me because I don’t see physically. I responded and said, “God”, and she smiled with her belly motioning from front to back taking God’s breath with a sigh of relief. How precious is this little girl. She *gets* it even at the tender age of six.


It was a pleasure meeting Senator Richard Blumenthal at the DCI (conference raising funds for the blind) at Yale University in Oct. 2015


June 22, 2016: lovely being a participant at the International Yoga Day celebration at Blueback Square in West Hartford, CT


Amla Mehta as a special guest on the radio program “Geetanjali”, sponsored by the University of Hartford.


Call me a Yoga Junkie of course doing some yoga and listening to live music at Yoga studio in Hamden, CT


My Yogi-gal-pal Eva and I getting psyched before our complimentary Yoga Class at Blueback Square


Just another day at Elizabeth Park


Sept. 2015: Speaking/Fundraiser event benefiting the Oakhill blind facility in Hartford, CT


It was awesome meeting new faces at the DCI conference and thoroughly explaining my eye condition to engaging fellow attendees!


Amla Mehta, Special Guest Speaker at the Balmukund children’s event held on Jan. 31, 2016